Baltimore Downtown Sailing Center

Baltimore Sailing Center

Since 1994, the Baltimore Downtown Sailing Center (DSC) is a community sailing center that offers a variety of sailing programs to the Greater Baltimore Community. The nonprofit center focuses on providing quality education and helpful programs to all and sundry, especially the youth, persons with disabilities, and those who have limited opportunities.

They strive to get everyone involved irrespective of their age, gender, or race for equal participation. Through the help of volunteers and partnerships with different organizations, they are able to connect with those in dire need of their outreach and development programs. One of their programs is the Access-Ability Sailing which offers sailing opportunities to those with disabilities at specified periods of time during the year.

They hold summer camps for the children and youth for a productive, fun, and engaging experiences. This is done in a completely safe environment where your kids get a boost in their confidence and learn valuable lessons such as teamwork and concentration. The learning sessions are divided into small groups for personalized education to your child. At the end of the camp, they will receive recognized certification from the US Sailing Association.

Downtown Sailing Center relies heavily on community volunteers to achieve its mission. Anyone willing to help is welcome to their center and no sailing skills are required. Training is given to those wishing to volunteer and give back to the community. It is an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of new people, acquire new skills, and help out, albeit in a small way.

The center is also accredited as a US sailing school for courses at all levels. The curriculum is well tailored to ensure each student reaches their maximum potential. Their instructors are also certified and experienced with rigorous training to give each student the best possible knowledge and expertise. You can also request for private lessons at any level. Any special events you got coming up? Well, DSC also helps to plan those memorable parties and occasions for groups.

The place is worth checking out and you will be sure to find a program that suits your interests and needs. You get to learn, have a great time outdoors, and be safe while at it.