Everyman Theatre

Everyman Theatre

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Everyman Theatre’s goal is to bring high quality and accessible theatre to the people. They aim to build that connection between the actors in the plays with their audience. They give a mix of dramas, comedies, classics and many more world class plays that bring out diverse emotions, truths, and experiences for everyone involved.

From a very humble beginning to a nationally renowned theatre, Vincent Lancisi founded the theatre in 1990. At the time and for the four consequent years that followed, Vincent would only manage one production annually. The subscriptions grew into the late 90s and the early 2000s because of the popular productions that he had created over time. The Bank of America and Harold A. Dawson gave a generous donation that would see the Everyman theatre find a new home on Fayette Street.

In collaboration with the resident company of artists from the Washington, DC and Baltimore area, Everyman Theatre produces a six play mainstage season in each season. They range from new, classics, and contemporary plays from their award winning artists and actors.

For over two decades now, the Everyman theatre has dedicated its services to the public high schools in Baltimore city. The primary purposes being to give the students a chance to experience and better understand the plays, the responsibilities of the theatre designers, the work of the actors and the significance of the theatre as part of the art industry.

They have an excellent educational program that provides learning opportunities for all ages. One such program is the high school matinee program that serves the public schools in Baltimore city. This resident program takes the learning right to their classrooms. They do this by engaging the audience and providing numerous classes that cater to young people, professional artists, and educators.

The students get a chance to interact with the crew and the cast and ask any questions they might have. The program brings the students to the theatre, and they have access to numerous performances, free of charge, for both the school and the students.

At the Everyman theatre, artists, audiences and the community as a whole, is inspired and transformed. Everyone is guaranteed the ultimate art and play experience at the Everyman theatre.