Bel Air Stairs and Railings

Bel Air Stairs and Railings ( is a welding and metal fabrication company for both commercial and residential properties. The company provides its services to both Bel Air, MD and Baltimore, Maryland, and surrounding areas. They specialize in both commercial and residential services and have been in the business over 30 years. They work with different types of metals ranging from aluminum, steel, stainless steel, iron, cast iron, wrought iron, bronze, etc. Other materials like wood or glass can be incorporated into their designs.

Bel Air Stairs and Railings

Listed below are the services they provide;

Banisters, Balustrades, and Hand Rails

Balustrades made up of balusters (the vertical posts) evenly spaced and connected together by a railing. They are also common in public places like parks and or buildings where the second floor looks out over a first floor court or open area. Banister and handrails are like one and the same thing, They run along the staircase and are for support, safety, and decorative purposes.


They have treads in a variety of designs and material for optimum functionality, safety, and an alluring look for your home or business. You can combine a range of looks from traditional to modern and a variety of materials. You can have glass panels, or use cables for the railings and have metal or wood railing caps. Both indoor and outdoor stairs are included.


Aluminum or steel carports are available to shelter your car from harsh weather elements like rain, snow, hail, heat, etc. They have an attractive finish and are custom made to fit your needs.

Patio Covers or Pergolas

Bel Air Stairs and Railings also makes patio covers or pergolas. Usually these are designed for vines such as wisteria to grow up and over a framework and create a natural shading instead of an actual roof.

Balconies, Decks, and Fire Escapes

In case of emergency situations like fires, it is important to be prepared. They ensure proper escape routes for your home and property. They also adjust existing fire escape routes to ensure the safety of your family and pets when the need arises.

Window Guards

In cities, although the bustle and activity can be very exciting, there can also be crime. Window guards can be very attractive and even decorative and yet at the same time serve a safety function to prevent breakins.

Along with the above, they provide additional services such as flower boxes, HVAC cages, and supports, etc.