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Annapolis Clean Carpet – Value for Your Money

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Annapolis Clean Carpet ( ) is a full service cleaning company. They started just in Annapolis, but as their reputation grew, they gained customers in Severna Park and then Columbia, MD and in Baltimore and surrounding areas.

Steve, the owner, says that they are not the cheapest carpet cleaning company out there and not the highest but he feels that his company gives you the best value for your money. In fact, he is often called in to redo a cleaning job after the low cost carpet cleaning company wasn’t able to get the job done properly. That means the person had to pay for the same job twice. It would have been cheaper just to get it done right to start with.

Annapolis Clean Carpet does more than just clean carpets. They also specialize in cleaning draperies and upholstery. With stains, the problem is obvious. However, people often don’t realize how dingy carpets, furniture and drapes have gotten over time. When the cleaning job is finished they feel like they have a brand new carpet or drapery or piece of furniture. And at a far cheaper price than replacing them. Steve says that cleaning on a regular basis will extend their life.

This is particularly true of carpets and rugs because the dirt that gets into them acts to cut the fibers. Even though they may be microscopic, they often have sharp edges that act like tiny knives or scissors. As the carpet or rug gets walked on it grinds these particles against the fibers and weakens or cuts them.

The draperies can be cleaned in the home or be taken down and cleaned at their facility. This option is also possible with furniture but it is more common to clean furniture in the home. Annapolis Clean Carpet doesn’t just do cloth upholstery but also cleans leather furniture. Leather can dry rot over time and proper cleaning and conditioning can prevent this. Oriental rugs and other rugs are usually removed and cleaned at their facility.

So far, we have only discussed residential work, but Annapolis Clean Carpet also does commercial work. They clean carpets in offices and stores. Of course, they can do upholstery in commercial settings as well.

Whether commercial or residential, stains such as spilled coffee or pet stains from your cat or dog can be a challenge. However, they have had great success and they have a money back guarantee.

Hopefully this won’t happen to you, but Annapolis Clean Carpet also deals with flooding. It doesn’t matter if it is from torrential rains that cause streams to rise and come in your house, coastal flooding, or a burst pipe. You will want to call them as soon as possible to they can start cleaning and drying before mold starts to grow.

Annapolis Clean Carpet gives free quotes. Give them a call if you need a room cleaned or your whole house or your business. You can find their phone number on their website which is listed at the beginning of this article. They have done everything from small apartments to large mansions and they have a loyal customer base who comes back to use them again and again over the years.

Balancing Act Accounting firm review

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Balancing Act is a small business consulting service company that provides business assistance and guidance primarily to small businesses still struggling to find their feet, start-ups and successful ongoing businesses. For a business that’s just getting off the ground, it may not exactly be easy to look after the cash flow. Hiring staff, securing contracts and carrying out administrative tasks can be stressful enough. Many businesses fail because the owners get so immersed in all the other activities. They forget to track the inflow and outflow of money. This leaves them with misplaced priorities, accounts in the red and eventual insolvency. Balancing Act is a Towson small business accounting services firm that aims to prevent exactly this. Headed by Mary Jo Watson, a highly experienced consultant and Towson small business accountant operating from the Baltimore area. Here are a few reasons why you should log on to and contact them:

  • Balancing ActThey use the best tools: Ever heard about Quickbooks? Whether it’s as familiar as your first name, or you have no idea what it means doesn’t matter. Balancing Act will use this tool to strategically keep track of your business cash flow, inventory, payment requirements and other logistics. Quickbooks is a powerful tool that is known all around the business world for its efficiency. It can, however, be a little esoteric in its workings and may take quite some time to figure how exactly how it works. You don’t have to worry however because Mary Jo, the president of Balancing Act is a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor which means she is a Quickbooks expert.
  • They teach and tutor: The accountants over at Balancing act are Towson QuickBook experts who will improve your business performance using the Quickbooks software. Apart from this, Mary and her team will at the same time teach you how to use Quickbooks. They use a practical-focused and hands-on technique to put you through the basics within a short time and give you a qualitative understanding of making this software work. This means you don’t have to go hiring a professional anytime you need your books balanced.
  • Unbelievable Value: Here’s where it gets interesting. Balancing act has a corporate principle of making every effort to save you more money than they charge for their services. They do this by improving your business operations and setting up the business to maximize tax deductions. Inefficient businesses and unmonitored cash flow often lead to a loss. These losses may be through various outlets which include: Employee fraud or outright theft. Lost revenues due to low-quality Improperly calculated taxes leading to overpayment. The Balancing Act team begins their operations by trying to plug all these holes in your cash flow. After this, they then attempt to shore up your business operations to be more optimal and productive. The combination of loss reduction and revenue increase leaves you with more than enough extra cash both to pay for their services and to keep in the bank.

Balancing act is the company to call if you need to get your business act together. They’re based in Towson MD and work both within Baltimore county and Baltimore City.  Be sure to visit and get the best possible services.

Review of Southwest Airlines

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Southwest Airlines – This major US airline based in Dallas, Texas, is considered the world’s largest low-cost carrier. It operates in over 100 locations with its bases covering Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago (Midway), Dallas (love), Las Vegas, Oakland, Denver, Orlando, Houston (Hobby), and Phoenix (Sky Harbor).

Despite the significant growth in recent years, Southwest Airlines has maintained excellent customer service ranking as number one with the least complaints among all the U.S. airlines according to the Department of Transportation.

  • Boarding

They have in place a boarding procedure for non-first class passengers which is a faster method compared to other airlines. It involves lining up in alphanumeric order within the specified groups and choosing any open seats as part of their airline policies.

  • Interior

Their seats are specially designed with the passenger’s comfort in mind. They are light weight and made from eco-friendly material, fixed-wing headrests, netted seatback pockets, and enough under seat space. Their crew is well known for interesting announcements and bursting out into song on boarding of the members. They are warm, friendly and yet professional at the same time.

  • Beverages

On your flight, you will receive free non-alcoholic beverages and a fixed rate of $5 for all alcoholic beverages. They also give drink vouchers as rewards to eligible members. On popular holidays like Valentines Day and New Year’s Eve, they offer free alcoholic drinks.

  • Entertainment

Their aircrafts are equipped with free streaming live TV, Wi-Fi, and movies. The best thing about their entertainment is that you get to access their system through your own device (laptop, mobile, tablet, etc.). Southwest Airlines have an offer program called rapid rewards credited to members through points acquired according to their ticket costs. It is considered one of the safest airlines in the world

  • Safety

Your money is completely safe if you have to change your flight, cancel it or fly later. Southwest Airlines does not charge you. Every single penny of yours is accounted for. This is very convenient to passengers.  It is no wonder that Southwest Airlines is a favorite for many.

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