Ladew Gardens Review

The breathtaking garden covers a 22-acre expanse of land and is a pure delight to all your senses. The Ladew gardens allow a serene, peaceful, and relaxing environment that will instantly calm your whole being. The area is not crowded, and this makes it a much more enjoyable experience. It has no age limit as the young and old alike fall in love with the gardens. It is a great outing for children and delightful for the adults too.

GardensLadew Gardens

Despite being known as a topiary garden, there are fewer topiary gardens than you would expect. You will experience smaller themed gardens with beautiful features such as secret getaways, fountains, and lily ponds. All kind of plants and flower varieties are found in this place.

The grounds are swarm with beckoning butterflies which are a sight to behold. There also exists a butterfly house that hosts a lot of captivating native butterflies. You get to see them up close and personal at all stages of their lives. A lot of water areas on the property complete with frogs and tadpoles will catch your eye too.

Nature walks through the fields and adjacent forests will allow you to stretch a bit more and soak in nature’s best.

House Tour

The Manor house is a trip down the history of the life of Harvey Ladew. He traveled extensively and was an avid collector of treasures in second-hand stores. You get to experience some of these items that have been meticulously preserved. Along with the Oval library room which hosts his 2,500 plus book collection and is said to be people’s favorite. The Manor house is a legacy to Ladew’s elegance and style which will enhance your appreciation for the estate at large.

Guides and Staff

The guides are very warm, friendly, and enthusiastic about their job. They also provide a lot of insightful information regarding any queries you might have. Some are quite humorous too which adds to the experience. The people working in the gift shops are also quite friendly.


There is a café on the Ladew Gardens’ ground, but it is quite pricey. The menu has salads, sandwiches, soups, drinks, etc. You can opt to bring your own food and choose one of the many alluring places in the garden to enjoy your picnic lunch.


The space allows the kids to run around, play, and roll in the grass. They also have a scavenger hunt after the whole tour. It is an excellent way to keep the kids interested and paying attention through the tour; that way, they have something to look forward to after it. Most of their paths are stroller accessible, but you will have to leave your stroller behind in other inaccessible areas. A carrier or a wrap is convenient for your babies while toddlers can walk, use strollers or both.

If you want to carry a souvenir with you, you can get it from their gift shop where the admissions building is. The price of admission is reasonable and worth the experience. For the gardens complete with a house tour, adults are charged $18, seniors $15, and children (2-12 years) $12. I recommend visiting the place on a sunny day as this weather enhances the beauty of the foliage and scenery.